Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Flower Power Week! Day 3 - The Pretty Pink Posie

Flower Power Week!!

The Pretty Pink Posie

This flower is definately my FAVORITE!
I'm quite partial to pink anyway, but I truly love the texture & petals in this flower.
Putting it together was SO simple too. I've seen several tutorials out there for flowers similar to the ones I made.   I took what I'd seen & experimented for a while, & figured it out!
This flower did not require any sewing, but did require burning my fingers on hot glue a few times.

 I'm pretty sure the color of grass in the spring is my all time favorite color...especially next to pink!

After making the smaller three that you see above, I became ambitious & decided to make a bigger version of the same flower.
Oh gooood golly miss molly! I'm going to wear this one A LOT!

Well...what do you think?

I'm partying here today...

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  1. I want a weekend tutorial on this one! I'll bring a t-shirt, felt, pin and glue gun and you show me on Saturday???!!!

  2. Absolutely!! Anyone else up for a little crafty session with us? I'll bring my left-over knit fabric. I have grey & this corally-pinkish color.

  3. I would love a craft session if only I lived closer.

  4. This is my favorite one so far! I can't wait to learn how; are you still going to post a tutorial??

  5. Becca, I plan to! I have one ready to post on Friday...but it's for a flower that I haven't shown you yet. I may end up doing a tutorial of THIS one though b/c it was SO easy & honestly would be quick to make a tutorial of. We'll see what happens but I do promise that at some point I'll show you how to make this one!

  6. I LOVE IT!! you are so talented, Julie!! I would love to see how this one is made if you get a chance to post it! So cute!

  7. I think I want one REALLY bad!!!!

  8. I think you're just adorable!
    And your flower is too.
    Aunt Bren

  9. YOU ARE AMAZING JULIE SUE!!!! I really hope that someday (Lord, willing, of course!) I can be HALF the wife, mother, WOMAN you are!!!

    Love this flower the best too....and, just like Katie, I think I want one too! ;)


    ps - glad you posted pics of yourself wearing the accomplished so much today - a third flower AND a wiww!!! love you sweet friend! :)


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