Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I’ve Got Mail!!!!

Remember a few weeks ago when I WON Toile Good’s tank transformation contest? Well, my mail-lady must’ve been so overcome with excitement for me to receive my prize that she accidentally delivered it to the house next door…The VACANT house next door.

Oh well…It made for an interesting story.

This weekend a new family moved in, and what a great way for me to meet them Smile  My new neighbor delivered my package. How nice of her, right? It was a great excuse for us to introduce ourselves! And now that I know they’re moved in, I can be a friendly neighbor & exercise my baking skills.

Now, I REALLY want to show you what was in my package!!

IMG_5250 (480x640)

2 book page bath salts that smell REALLY GOOD & a CUTE teal and brown ruffled flower clip! I can’t wait to wear it!!!!


And Who doesn’t LOVE a handmade gift?!?!?

Ohmygoodness, because I know I DO!

IMG_5251 (480x640)

IMG_5252 (640x480)

A big thank you to Allison over at It’s Toile Good for being such a great gift giver!!! You made my day!! I got presents & a new neighbor!

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  1. This is fantastic! I love getting to know new people! And gifts!


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