Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Easy, Chewy Granola Bar Recipe

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A simple & healthier snack option for kids & grown ups!

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Easy, Chewy Granola Bars

IMG_5596 (480x640)Ingredients

  1/3 Cup Margarine

10 oz. Mini-Marshmallows

4 Cups Rice Krispy Cereal

2 Cups Quick Oats

Optional – raisins, dried cranberries,  chocolate chips



IMG_5598 (640x480)  IMG_5599 (640x480)

IMG_5600 (640x480)  IMG_5602 (640x480)

1. Melt margarine & marshmallows over low heat until melted.

2. Remove from heat & add Rice Krispies cereal & oats.

3. Add any desired fruits – such as raisins

4. Spread in a 9x13” pan – greased with margarine, use waxed paper to pat down without sticking.

5. Sprinkle chocolate chips on top (I prefer the mini-chocolate chips). Allow to cool & cut into serving size pieces.

IMG_5607 (640x479)

Makes about 24 servings / 105 Calories each – unless fruit or chocolate is added.  This is a quick, low cost snack with fiber!

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Caleb’s Art Gallery

Our Caleb is a great little artist. I am so proud of him! He’s 4 1/2 & LOVES anything creative. He’s a lot like I was when I was little...

blogIMG_0943 (639x480)

brownbeardrawing (640x520) CalebsGiraffes (640x469) CalebsHorseDrawing (640x575)CalebsPig (600x450) CalebsArtworkofTandKwithDogs (640x432) CalebsTeddyBearFamily (640x480)

MommaPigAndBabyPig (600x450)

We have Caleb’s artwork ALL over our house. Some are displayed & some are just laying around. One day I asked Caleb to pick his favorites & we would find a way to put them in his new room. 

So I took the jute-string & hung a line above his bed. Then I attached his favorites artwork with a clothespin. He was so excited & so proud of it! And at the rate he’s going, I’m going to have to find a place to hang another line soon…maybe between his windows. Yep, definitely going to have to do that soon.

IMG_5212 (480x640) (480x640)

Yep, definitely going to have to do that soon. preschool starts this week.

Friday, August 26, 2011


This is something new & fun for me! It’s called Insta Friday @ Life Rearranged,  where I post the pics I took with my phone throughout the week! Yep – my week in cell-phone pictures!!

I’ve enjoyed seeing other bloggers’ Insta Friday posts so I decided that had to jump in too!

Here we go!!


I knew we should’ve named him “Bubba”


Swinging at the park together after a lunch picnic Smile



This week Caleb picked out his backpack for preschool. I surprised him by filling it with fun school things like colored pencils, paper, stickers…ya know, fun stuff that preschoolers really don’t need,  He was PUMPED about the goodies & drew me this picture – it’s a dinosaur with a hat on, but I think it looks like Donkey from Shrek. Yes, my 4 year old is an amazing artist. I know this. I’m not bragging. It’s a fact!


More artwork from my 4 year old. He made a sign to put on our kitchen cabinet to keep his baby brother out of it. Eli loves to open this door & empty the shelves. This is a drawing of Eli with an “X” over it!

Cracks me up!


Looks like Caleb is Mr. Popular this Insta-friday!  He had to have his 1st filling done this week. He was a champ! His dentist is pretty awesome though so that helps a ton! He’s like a real life Goofy Smile


A new smile & new shades from Dr. Kyle!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Beautiful Bracelet


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IMG_5491 (640x480)

I loved making this bracelet!! I’m thinking about making another one & another one & another one – It’s just so pretty to look at! Smile 

It’s made up of three strands of beads.

Two of the strands are made with chunky & seed beads, and one is made of small seed beads.

All in shades of PINK & Finished with a heart toggle closure…because I love it!

IMG_5490 (479x640)

I think I’ll link this pretty lady up at my favorite linky parties.

Why not join me?! It’s so fun!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

MORE Tasty Tuesday Suggestions!

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Listen up my friends!! I have two suggestions for you today. First, check out my cousin Donna’s blog & second, check out my sister Michelle’s blog. They both have obviously inherited our great-grandma Mildred’s talent for making PERFECT food & are today they both are sharing some recipes!

Here’s Donna’s -


  Sweetness, Sunshine & Mischief 

 Foster Family Beef & Noodles


Here’s Michelle’s -

Thrift Store Rock Star

Roast Beef Enchiladas

This must be a good day for great mouth-watering recipes! If you feel the nudge to “follow” them, I PROMISE you won’t be disappointed! Donna is HILARIOUS & is such a great Writer/Picture taker/Mommy/Wife/Sharer!  As for my sister, well, she’s my sister Smile Her talents are never ending! None of us look alike, but there’s no doubt that we were cut from the same cloth!

Tasty Tuesday - Ground Beef Stroganoff

IMG_5377 (640x480) (638x478)

Way too good not to share!

About a month ago I found this recipe at It’s SO GOOOOOD!!!!!!! I’ve already made it 3 times this month! Ha!  I had never seen stroganoff done with ground beef before. I grew up eating it with strips of beef…which is the main reason I never made it. I’m cheap, what can I say?! 

This recipe is made with:

ground beef – onion – garlic – butter – beef broth – sour cream – cream of mushroom Soup – mushrooms – flour – salt & pepper – Egg Noodles

The first time I made it I skipped the mushrooms because I didn’t have any.

The second time, I made it exactly as the recipe states.

The third time, I used cream of celery soup instead of cream of mushroom. It was a risk but I was totally out of cr.of mushroom soup. It was still GREAT!

Want the recipe? Head over to Brandi’s website She has a handy printable version for you, as well as several other recipes to drool over – no lie, your mouth WILL water…

Then, when you make it, invite me over so I can eat it with you because I can’t get enough. Mmmmm-mmmmm!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A GREEN Birthday for our 3 year old!!

IMG_5480 (480x640)

Pardon me while I gush but I can’t believe that it’s been THREE years since Keston joined our family. He was so itty bitty & C U T E when we brought him home!!!!!!

Just look at him!!

224402_10150264608491945_650636944_7889241_2452345_n IMG_5408 (640x440)

Well since then the boppy has been exchanged for a toy story pillow & a blankie but he’s still the same cute & cuddly fireball!

IMG_5460 (427x640)

As you may have read in my recent Word-full Wednesday post, Keston was very sick on his birthday. We made the most of his day with gifts & green decorations. HE IS OBSESSED WITH THE COLOR GREEN!  Unfortunately there wasn’t really a party. His fever was rather high all day so we cancelled on most of guests…sad, right?! His grandmas still came though!

IMG_5313 (480x640) IMG_5346 (480x640)
New SHOES! He wanted these SO bad b/c they were black & green. I was shocked that he was SO pumped about getting shoes for his birthday! He also got a John Deere Tractor/Semi Hauler, a new BIKE, books, Geo Trax Farm, Hopper Ball,  Animal back-pack & some other things too. The kid has been playing nonstop since he’s been better.

IMG_5335 (640x480)

Here’s the tractor cake his Grandma made for him! She does such a great job & I am so thankful! She even colored the cake batter green!

IMG_5340 (480x640)

While Keston took a much needed birthday nap, I decorated a little. It was done on a whim & I think it turned out so cute!! All I did was wind thread around the ends of the tied balloons & strung them across the room. (Don’t look at my curtain-less windows…my youngest nearly strangled himself in them too many times so they had to go…for now.)

IMG_5320 (640x320)

IMG_5322 (480x640) (439x584) IMG_5325 (640x377)

IMG_5324 (640x480)

Watching Keston grow another year older is so bittersweet. He’s so cute, curious, independent & my is he CUDDLY when he wants to be.  His mouth never stops running & the things he says are SO CUTE & often unbelievably FUNNY. I can’t imagine how I’m going to feel when he’s much older than THREE.  I suppose I’ll probably cry a lot missing his little days…and I’ll certainly pray even more than I’ll cry, I know. Actually, I spent a great amount of time this past year doing both of those. I’m looking forward to Keston growing out of the terrible twos. I refuse to accept that threes will be worse. Don’t tell me that…I might hit you with a die-cast tractor & then stop on your toes while I scream at the top of my lungs like a three year old. Hmmm…are you wondering how I KNOW three year olds do things like that? Pray for me people…

Maybe I’ll link this up to some parties this week…I slacked last week & I miss the party scene.

 Check out my party page Smile

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